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Why Networking Is Vital to Startup Success

There are so many benefits to building an effective network, and we're going to give you five, along with some tips on how to find them.

When starting a business, there are many things you need to think about. It’s a challenging endeavor, and building your network is a vital component to the ongoing success of your start-up. This may seem daunting, particularly when you lack the networking experience. But this is highly valuable for any business and will be vital for your start-up as you scale your business in the long term. There are so many benefits to building an effective network, and we’re going to give you five, along with some tips on how to find them. 

Finding new business and referrals

Networking isn’t always about attending evening soirees with fancy business execs. Finding new business is one of the top reasons why you need to do networking for your start-up. 

You may think this is quite aggressive. Maybe you need to focus on building a solid product and team before networking. But a great way to learn from the mistakes of other start-up founders is to meet with them. They may even point you in the direction of some new leads, so you don’t waste your time on leads that don’t go anywhere. If you find success creating a solid network, your referrals and new business will grow organically, which will help you grow your business. 

Partnership opportunities

Once you start networking, you’ll no doubt realize that many of the other entrepreneurs you’re meeting would make great partnerships. These partnerships could be developmentally or financially beneficial to your start-up and could give you access to resources you otherwise wouldn’t have. Of course, it’s important that you think about the types of partnerships you want to make to avoid damaging relationships. But ultimately, forming partnerships through your networking will give you a competitive advantage and help you grow your business. 

Find mentorship and support

Networking will also help you find a mentor who’s a leader in your industry. As you connect, keep a lookout for the leaders—the people who are steps ahead of you and successful. Having a mentor who can support you as you grow your business is a powerful relationship. It’s a great way to learn and avoid costly mistakes. This is vital in any start-up when you are quite careful with your budget. Being connected to a leader in your industry also helps grow your reputation and credibility. All in all, finding a mentor to support you is a crucial benefit to networking. 

A strong network gives you leverage with investors

If you’re building a start-up, you are thinking about investors. Maybe you don’t quite need them just yet, but you may need them in the future when you need further investment. Your savings isn’t going to cut it if you’re looking at scaling the business. With networking, you’ll no doubt start talking to some investors. Don’t pitch them immediately, but take the time to nurture those relationships. They’ll become beneficial someday. 

Gaining feedback and ideas

When you build a network, a big focus should be knowledge sharing. Business owners have very similar obstacles and experiences. Your network may provide you with advice and ideas on how to move past this obstacle. Your network may even run learning sessions that will help you take your business to the next level. 

With this network, you may even be able to table ideas you are toying with to see how they will land. Get feedback about what may work or what won’t. This is a reciprocal relationship, and others in your network will ask for the same. The feedback and ideas you gain may help you see an aspect of your business in a new light. 

Find an effective network

Here’s where you can find a good network.

Social media

Reddit, Twitter, Facebook. These are all great platforms to meet other entrepreneurs. For example, on Facebook, search for the industry you’re in, and you’ll find many private or public business groups you can join. These are not limited by location, and you can take your network global.

Business events

This includes conferences, industry events, seminars, even MeetUps. You can meet people through local networks, and if you’re able to get to some reputable global conferences, this is a great way to build your global network. Some conferences are designed to bring entrepreneurs together to help them learn new skills, keep up with the current trends, curate a great network, and become thought leaders. 

Networking is a vital way to succeed as a start-up. Whether you have the next killer app or make eco-friendly coffee mugs, your company’s success will be fundamentally impacted by the community you build. This network will accelerate your success and help you in the long term, and you scale your business. 


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