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How to Request Your Business’s Articles of Incorporation

Learn how to efficiently request your business's Articles of Incorporation, including methods, required information, and associated fees.

Starting a business involves navigating numerous administrative steps, one of which is securing your Articles of Incorporation. This critical document serves as the foundation for your business’s legal and operational framework.

Obtaining your Articles of Incorporation is not just about bureaucratic necessity; it’s also essential for lawful operation, opening bank accounts, and raising capital.

Understanding how to request this document can save time and avoid potential pitfalls.

Importance of Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation serve as the bedrock of a business’s legal identity. This document outlines the fundamental aspects of the company, such as its name, purpose, and structure. By defining these elements, the Articles of Incorporation provide a clear framework that guides the company’s operations and governance. This clarity is indispensable for both internal management and external stakeholders, ensuring that everyone understands the company’s foundational principles.

Beyond internal clarity, the Articles of Incorporation play a significant role in establishing the company’s credibility. When dealing with potential investors, partners, or clients, having a well-documented and legally recognized foundation can instill confidence. It demonstrates that the business is not only legitimate but also committed to adhering to regulatory standards. This can be particularly advantageous when seeking funding or entering into contracts, as it reassures other parties of the company’s stability and reliability.

Moreover, the Articles of Incorporation are often required for various legal and financial processes. For instance, many banks and financial institutions require this document to open a business account or secure a loan. It serves as proof that the business is officially registered and recognized by the state, which is a prerequisite for many financial transactions. Additionally, in the event of legal disputes, the Articles of Incorporation can serve as a reference point, outlining the company’s original intentions and structure.

Identifying the Filing Authority

Determining the appropriate filing authority is a crucial step in obtaining your Articles of Incorporation. This entity varies depending on the state or jurisdiction where your business is registered. Typically, the Secretary of State’s office is responsible for maintaining and providing access to corporate records, including the Articles of Incorporation. Each state has its own specific procedures and requirements, making it important to identify the correct agency to approach.

For instance, in California, the California Secretary of State’s office oversees business filings, while in New York, it’s managed by the New York Department of State. Understanding which office holds your records is the first step in streamlining the request process. It’s worth noting that some states have dedicated online portals that facilitate easy access to corporate documents, whereas others may require more traditional methods.

The filing authority not only holds your Articles of Incorporation but also provides various related services. These can include amendments to your articles, annual report filings, and other corporate compliance documents. Knowing the full range of services offered by your filing authority can be beneficial, especially if your business needs to make future filings or changes to its corporate structure.

Contacting the correct office is also essential for ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information. Many states have customer service lines or email addresses dedicated to business inquiries, which can be invaluable resources. These channels can offer guidance on the specific information and forms needed to complete your request, thereby minimizing delays and complications.

Required Information for Request

When preparing to request your Articles of Incorporation, gathering the necessary information ahead of time can streamline the process. The specific details required may vary by state, but some common elements are universally needed. To begin with, having the exact name of your business as registered is indispensable. This ensures that the filing authority can accurately locate your records without confusion, particularly in states with numerous similar business names.

Additionally, knowing your business’s identification number, often referred to as the Entity Number or Corporation Number, is equally important. This unique identifier is assigned at the time of incorporation and is used by the state to track your business records. Having this number on hand can expedite your request, allowing the filing authority to quickly verify your company’s information.

The date of incorporation is another critical piece of information. This date marks when your business was officially recognized and is often required to differentiate between entities with similar names. Including this in your request provides an additional layer of specificity, reducing the likelihood of errors or delays.

In some cases, the filing authority may also request the names of the initial directors or incorporators of the business. These individuals are listed in the original Articles of Incorporation and serve as a point of reference for the filing authority. Providing this information can further ensure that your request is processed smoothly.

Request Methods

There are several methods available for requesting your Articles of Incorporation, each with its own set of procedures and conveniences. Depending on your preference and the specific requirements of your state’s filing authority, you can choose from online, mail-in, or in-person requests.


Requesting your Articles of Incorporation online is often the most convenient and fastest method. Many states have developed comprehensive online portals that allow businesses to access and request their documents with just a few clicks. For example, the California Secretary of State’s website offers a Business Search tool where you can locate and request copies of your Articles of Incorporation. Typically, you will need to create an account, provide your business name and identification number, and pay any associated fees using a credit or debit card. The digital nature of this method often results in quicker processing times, with documents sometimes available for download immediately or within a few business days.


For those who prefer traditional methods, mail-in requests are a viable option. This method involves sending a written request to the appropriate filing authority, along with any required forms and fees. It’s essential to include all necessary information, such as your business name, identification number, and date of incorporation, to avoid delays. Payment is usually accepted in the form of a check or money order. While mail-in requests may take longer to process compared to online requests, they are a reliable option for those who may not have easy access to the internet or prefer to handle official documents in a more tangible format. Be sure to check the specific mailing address and any additional requirements on your state’s filing authority website.


In-person requests offer the advantage of immediate, face-to-face interaction with the filing authority’s staff. This method can be particularly useful if you have urgent needs or require assistance with complex queries. To make an in-person request, visit the office of the Secretary of State or the relevant agency in your jurisdiction. Bring all necessary information, including your business name, identification number, and any required forms. Payment can usually be made via cash, check, or credit card. One of the benefits of this method is the potential for same-day processing, allowing you to walk away with your documents in hand. However, it’s advisable to check the office hours and any specific requirements beforehand to ensure a smooth visit.

Fees and Payment Methods

Understanding the fees associated with requesting your Articles of Incorporation is an important aspect of the process. The cost can vary significantly depending on the state or jurisdiction, and sometimes even the method of request. Typically, online requests might have different fee structures compared to mail-in or in-person requests. It’s crucial to review the specific fee schedule published by your state’s filing authority to avoid any surprises.

Payment methods also vary by request type. Online systems usually accept credit or debit cards, making them convenient for quick transactions. For mail-in requests, checks or money orders are generally the accepted forms of payment. If you choose to request your documents in person, you may have the option to pay with cash, check, or card, providing flexibility. Ensuring that you have the correct form of payment prepared can help avoid delays in processing your request.


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